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With 10 year’s experience providing working holidays our highly experienced reps are there to guide you every step of the way finding your dream summer job.
Find out all you need to know below on Jobs available, Hours, Pay, FAQ’s, Job Trials, Recruitment Days and much more. Have any questions just contact a member of our team.

Other Jobs

  • Flyer Staff
  • Meet
  • Team
    Leaders &
  • Parade
  • Shops
+ 100's of other jobs our available in resorts, we just gave you a quick look at the resorts most popular jobs for workers here.

Skilled Jobs

Skilled workers are in high demand in every resort. This is an amazing opportunity if you have a skill, you can earn yourself a high paid salary with lots of fantastic perks.


  • Recruitment Days

    A recruitment day is when a bar,club or events company has an open day for all workers seeking employment. Employers get to see all workers in a friendly atmosphere and workers will have an opportunity to chat to managers and impress there qualities to them.There is pre-organised recruitment days in advance and also spontaneous recruitment days that happen in resort.Your reps will explain all the details in full in your first few days.

  • Job Trials

    Bars/ Clubs in each resort will very often offer workers trials, due to a high turnover off staff in all the resorts, managers are always on the lookout for new staff and this is an excellent opportunity for workers to show their talents. Working a trial is your perfect opportunity to get free training and experience working in a top party resort.

  • Job Sheets

    Our reps in each resort once a week do a job search of the resort and provide you with a printed job sheet with all the available jobs currently in the resort. We offer this service once a week, giving you the highest chance of finding employment. We are the only company to offer this service.

Job Faq's

Do I have to work?

No you don't have to work lots of guests who come away just party for a month and take advantage of our cheap prices and take it as a long month party holiday.

Can I just holiday for a month instead?

Yes.Some guests just party every night and take it as a month holiday.

Do I get free drinks when I’m working?

Yes most jobs come with free drinks.

What happens if I get fired?

If you get fired learn from your mistakes & get back up applying for the next available job in the resort.

Where is the easier resort to work abroad?

Zante & Magaluf are easier resorts to work abroad.

What is the hardest Job?

Hardest job but most rewarding is ticket selling, you are approaching tourists all day long who might not be interested in the events so you might get a lot of rejections, but it’s extremely rewarding as if you make 10-15 sales a day you can make 100-150 Euro's per shift.

Do I need to take a CV with me?

Yes, there is no harm in having a CV with you to show a manager, it shows you are serious about working in the resort and also looks more professional. On recruitment days you can give your CV to any potential employers also.

How many days a week will I be working?

Depending on your job, most jobs you will be working 6 days/nights a week.

Am I guaranteed a job abroad?

We cannot offer any of our guests a guaranteed job in a resort; if a company/competitor offers you a guaranteed job in a resort they should be strongly avoided. This is a sales tactic used often by companies selling there package; they will promise you a job so you book with them. Over the last 5 seasons abroad with us 95% of all guests who have wanted to work have found a job/ Job trial etc.

How should I dress for work?

Smart Casual is always a great idea.

Do I get paid Weekly, Monthly or Nightly?

Some businesses like to pay nightly or weekly just depend on your manager. You will be paid cash in hand.

How much will I get paid?

You can take a look back at the jobs page where we go into detail about job salaries.

Where is a good choice resort for beginners?

Zante or Magaluf are excellent choice for beginners.

What is the easier Job?

The easier job would be shot girl/ jelly shots, as you can have a lot of fun at work while making a lot of money.

Can I apply for jobs from back home?

Yes you can contact bars/clubs/events before you arrive, contact them by email or Facebook about applying to work for them this summer. Be careful, you can always contact us and ask our opinion, companies that offer you a guaranteed job with accommodation before you arrive should be ignored. No working abroad company can offer you a guaranteed job remember this.

Job Tips

  • Dress Smart

    It’s always a good idea to dress well in resort. a good image can go a long way and help you out a lot.

  • Punctual/Polite

    It’s important to be on time for work and be polite well-mannered to all managers and staff members.

  • Interviews

    Your rep in resort will give you any tips/advice you need if you have an interview in resort.

  • Different Job Opportunities

    If you apply for a bar job and they would like you to PR, work hard and a bar job might come up in 1-2 weeks with such a high turnover of staff in resort.

  • Ticket Selling

    If you’re looking for a partner in ticket selling, always look to work with someone who is hard working and highly motivated.

  • Outgoing & Enthusiastic

    All jobs in resort will require you to be outgoing and enthusiastic; this will go a long way with your team leaders, managers and the holiday tourists in resort.

  • Alcohol

    If you pace yourself with alcohol you can easily last the full summer working, if you drink every night for a month you might burn out and go home after a month.

  • Workers Discounts Bands

    Use your wristband in resort to get discounts on drink, food, events and club entry.

  • Training & Job Trials

    Our reps will assist you with job training, advice & tips in resort so you are well prepared for interviews, job trials and recruitment days.

  • Partying

    Lots of workers come out with the mind-set they are going to work but then get caught up in the holiday atmosphere and end up partying for a month. If your motivated and don't party to much your first month you will have plenty of time to party all summer long.

  • Recruitment Days

    If you are searching and seek employment in any resort, it’s important you make the effort and attend all recruitment days; this gives you the chance to chat one on one with employers and job openings.