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Hints & Tips

Q - Health Insurance

Q - Travel Insurance

  • It's recommended to buy travel insurance before you depart, our advice would be to buy it online from one of the many price comparison websites.

Q - Transfer

  • Select www.Resorthoppa.com Book your transfer 72 hours before you land.
    Booking Amount: On average of €10-12 euros per person

Q - Flights

  • Flights are not included in your working holiday package; you have the choice to fly from any airport offering the lowest fares available.
    Once you have booked your working holiday package, you will have your own personal travel advisor who will find and help you book the cheapest flights. Our rep team will be there to meet you in resort. For more info on Flights, please give us a call or click the Flights page for all the info you need.

Q - Flight Check in

  • Once you have your flight booked, next step is to make sure you check in online so you’re all set for your flight. If you need any help just get in touch with one of our travel advisors.

Q - Passport

  • Make sure you have your passport and most importantly check that dates on your passport our still valid to fly, if not please renew it as it can take up to 2-3 weeks to renew your passport.

Q - Driving Licence

  • If you plan to rent a car, scooter, quad you must have a driving licence with you. We would strongly advise not driving abroad or renting a vehicle.

Q - Visa

  • No Working holiday VISA'S are required for UK and Ireland passport holders, if you are from another country please contact our office or your local embassy for visa details required.

Q - Languages

  • All the resorts will speak Basic English.

Q - Rep Fee

  • The 50 Euro Rep Fee is paid on arrival in resort, your rep is your guide throughout your whole stay to give you the best chance of finding work in resort and make sure you have the experience of a lifetime.

Q - Checklist

  • Get organised with your flight details, Passport in date, Check in online, Ehic Card, travel insurance, organise two bank cards in case you lose one, don't bring expensive laptops or camera's, take care of your items abroad, rent a safe, don't carry or leave large amounts of cash in your apt.

Q - Workers Discount Bands

  • Your rep will give you a workers discount wristband in resort, make sure you use it as it gives you discounts on food, drink, events and club entry.

Q - Saving Money

  • Organise and plan your money before you arrive so you have a budget for your first 4 weeks, avoid expensive shops beside your apts and use the local supermarkets with much cheaper prices. Use your wristband when ordering food and drinks in the bars and restaurants for workers. Speak to your rep in resort for all the best tips on saving money in resort.

Q - Spending Money

  • You should target to bring a minimum €400 / £340 spending money, if you plan on doing events in resort like booze cruise, water sports, Water Park etc. you will need to bring more. Aim to be working in your first 5 days in resort.

Q - Bank Cards

  • We advise to bring two bank cards with you and have access to online banking, if you plan on staying for the summer season you can set up a local bank account in resort, just ask your rep or call the office for more info on how to set up a bank account.

Q - Items to Pack

  • A quick checklist of what we advise to pack, we wouldn't advise bringing laptops, camera's or anything expensive with you.

    Beachwear / Towel

    Sun cream

    After sun lotion


    Two Bank Cards

    European plug adaptor


    Ehic European health insurance card

    Valid Passport

    Copy of passport

Q - Safety

  • We would strongly avoid driving scooters or any vehicles abroad.

Q - Lock your Apt/Balcony Doors

  • Lock your apt door and balcony at all times.

Q - Mobile Phone / Sim Free

  • Get your phone unlocked before you arrive in resort so its sim free, you can by a local sim for about €5/10. Get set up on the local network in resort where you get cheap calls and Wi-Fi for the same prices you pay back home.

Q - Gym

  • All resorts have a selection of gyms available, you can join and become a member for the summer at cheap prices. Ask your rep in resort for more details.

Q - Skype/Whatsapp/Viber

  • Keep in touch with everyone from back home with these apps.

Q - Internet/Wi-Fi

  • Use free Wi-Fi in resort, you can also buy a cheap sim in resort and buy a cheap internet package.